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What People Are Saying!

About Lady of the Play

—Ingrid Delle Jacobson, Editor

“A thoroughly enjoyable read and lovely book! I was almost sorry to edit the last page. I was particularly impressed with the literary references and the amount of research that has gone into writing it.

Essentially two storylines in one book, the author has woven them together beautifully. The plot unfolds perfectly, the characters are easily imaginable and well described (and well researched in the historical chapters.) The descriptions of clothing, environs and society of the time in the historical chapters were also beautifully crafted, evocative and clearly well-researched.

Generally speaking, this book ticks all the boxes of ‘great reads’. I may be biased somewhat as I, too, am an avid Shakespeare fan (I have acted many Shakespearean roles as well) and for sure, other ‘Bardolators’ (apparently this is now a word for fans of Shakespeare!) will love this! Indeed, readers fond of historical or semi-historical novels will enjoy it too. Please write some more!”

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